Published: March 25, 2016 

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Published: March 17, 2013

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Colour and Design Trends 2018 with Jackie Morra 

I recenltly attended the Toronto Gift Show in March and here are a few of my favourite trends and colours for Spring and Summer for 2018/ 2019.  Overall home decor trends for 2018  feature peaceful and happy interiors expressed with text, tone and textures from nature incorporating spirituality, wild and botanical wallpapers all things outdoor and gardening elements along with bold splashes of colours, 

spring summer trends florals Summer trends home decor

text decor trends pillows

Spring trends home decor bees

decor trends text God bless our home

text decor trends kitchen farm to table


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Working with Small Spaces to Create Your Perfect…

The most beautiful gardens usually have little to do with size and much to do with how it makes you feel when you’re in them. I love my garden because it is perfect for me and fills my purpose, which is the key to any space. If I enjoy being in it, I am going…

Outdoor Living Big Ideas for Small Backyards

With expanding urban areas creating less accessible green space, the booming housing markets producing the reality of more condos and smaller property lot sizes with little to no backyards, and more people trending towards “stay-cations” instead of travelling…

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Ultimate Kids Spaces Feature

You'll find cool and creative decor and design ideas for kids of all ages at the Ultimate Kids Spaces feature by Jackie Morra, a 900 square foot space that engages the senses with visually eye-catching, colourful and interactive themed rooms. There are many…

Hockey Fan Cave

The Hockey Fan Cave by Jackie Morra Interiors Toronto Maple Leafs Edition at the National Home Show Jackie Morra's concept and design of the Hockey Fan Cave is the ultimate destination for sports and hockey fans. The concept was created by Jackie Morra,…

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