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In Jackie Morra's newest workshop series touring across Canada this Spring /Summer and Fall of 2017, you will learn how to improve your connection and experience with your living spaces and understand how it impacts your life.  

By listening to your inner self and soul, you will discover how to create an environment that brings you joy, peace and ultimately contentment at this time. The energy of our spaces can have an immediate effect on our mood and alter our emotions and wellbeing. By tapping into your instinctual reaction to what lifts you up or pulls you down you will become aware of what you are bringing into any space you engage with whether it is your rooms at home or work environment and make the changes needed for a happier, healthier, fulfilled you.


Workshop Overview: 

• Rediscover what you love in your home and why it resonates with you

• Find a starting point and gain a sense of direction and focus for each of your spaces with the mood and tone you wish to create

• Let go of the emotional hurdles that prevent you from making the necessary changes to create a space that balances your needs and wants and shows your self-worth

• Understand how to incorporate your core beliefs, culture and your personality throughout your home to make it a reflection of who you really are and telling your unique story

• Recognize the emotional power a room can have and its effect on your mood, ability to heal and fulfill your dreams

• Find peace and joy while releasing stress room by room by adding comfort, luxury and meaning to objects in the space

• Connect to your passions and aspirations by creating a sanctuary just for you

• Maintaining harmony in your spaces regardless of circumstances that will inspire gratitude and contentment for your spirit

• Regain or uncover what engages your senses and expresses your creativity through décor that promotes physical, mental and inner wellbeing thereby creating spaces that connect the mind, body and spirit.

inspired rooms by decorator jackie morra


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