Hallway Organizing for Function & Decor

By having multi purpose storage solutions like this entryway hallway built in unit you can have a place for various items around your home that will make them more accessible and still look aesthetically pleasing. Your home will look less cluttered and be more organized says decorator Jackie Morra of Jackie Morra Interiors.

Use this built in idea for your mud room or hallway for seating when putting on your shoes, drawer storage that opens up for easy access to gloves, hats etc, storage of eveyday items for the entire family when heading out the door in any season.




Decorating 101 Tips

 Tropics Shutters 3

Less is more and if you don't love it live without it is Jackie Morra\s mantra for decor and life. De-clutter each area of your home to make rooms look more spacious and balanced, as it will provide a sense of order and calmness. 


Purchase quality items that you love and know you will have for a longer period of time such as furniture, rugs, and artwork. 


Accessories add a finishing touch to any room, which makes it feel like home. Cushions, candles, family photos and treasured pieces help create a unique style for each person. They are also less expensive and easier to change over time. 


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Window Coverings 101

Shade O Matic shutters 

Image of Shade O Matic Polysatin Seaview Shutters


Have you ever looked closely at your windows? We all look through them, but rarely at them and the statement they really can make in any space. Windows are a perfect opportunity to create a wonderful focal point while still being a practical necessity. Choosing the right coverings for any window can be simple once you take into consideration the room's function, the homeowner's needs, style & budget, and the overall décor tone and feel of the room.

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Spring Decor Tips & Tricks

 Spring Into the Season - Revitalizing your home ( Images from Maxwell Fabrics)





Spring is a time when we think of freshening up our homes as the weather starts to get warmer and thoughts of winter finally come to an end. It's a time to look around your home to make each room more a reflection of your style and to update or change the decor without completely redecorating, to give your rooms new life.

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Tips to Decorate & Renovate a Master Bedroom / Bath

Naturally Inspired Decorating

To find inspiration, you only have to look to things you love, and this holds true to any facet of life, including the decorating of your home. Let that inspiration guide you to the mood and tone you are trying to create in any space. As a decorator, I have done this for others many times and it is the same practice I use in my own home. Most recently, I redecorated the master bedroom and renovated the ensuite bath.

  Master Bedroom Cork Flooring

In my bedroom, the feel and mood I was looking for was back to nature, organic, and comfort through textures and colour. The main inspirations were a beautiful, canvas artwork series of birch trees and innovative Torlys cork flooring. The artwork provides a tree lined backdrop and mesmerizing focal point that I love. The eco-friendly cork flooring I loved the first time I walked on it barefoot not only for its comfort but the natural beauty and warmth. It is perfect as it creates the imagery of a forest floor for my back to nature theme.

Another focal point in the room is the custom drapery that I coordinated with readymade linens for the bed. The floral patterns provided a natural element with the functionality of blackout lining, and complimented the overall colour scheme. It is noteworthy that you can use readymade linens and combine them with custom fabrics for the drapery and accent pillows which can work well together with careful coordination, saving time and money.

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