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  • Spaces for the Mind, Body & Spirit

    spaces for the mind body and spirit

    decorating workshops with designer jackie morra  Jackie Morra 2017

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    In Jackie Morra's newest seminar series touring across Canada you will learn how to improve your connection and experience with your living spaces and understand how it impacts your everyday life.  Jackie will teach an inspirational, uplifting seminar that will engage your senses and guide you to express your creativity through decor and design which promotes physical, mental and inner balance; ultimately creating spaces that connect to the mind, body & spirit. She will provide interactive exercises with visuals, inspiring stories, tips & tricks and suggest unique ideas and solutions on how to transform our homes.  The focus of the seminar is to inspire attendees to rethink decorating and design within the home and how it is directly connected to your happiness and wellbeing.


    Seminar Overview: 

    • "Design - If you don't love it, live without it! "  Jackie Morra -  Rediscover what you love in your home and why it resonates with you

    • The Effect of Colour - Find an inspirational starting point and focus for each space with the mood, tone and feel you wish to create by understanding the impact and uses of colour

    • Engage the Senses - Let go of the emotional hurdles that prevent you from making the necessary changes to create a space that balances your needs and wants

    •  Get Connected at Home - Understand how to incorporate your story, beliefs, culture, and personality throughout your home to make it a reflection of who you are and who you aspire to be

    •  Planning with Purpose - Review home decor and design solutions that will reduce the stress associated with where to start when you are ready to update, decorate or renovate

    • Less is more! - Connect to your passions and aspirations by creating a sanctuary just for you by adding comfort and meaning to every object you have and ones you bring into each space 



     The Spaces for the Mind, Body and Spirit seminars will be in support of Breast Cancer Foundation to raise awareness and relay the corporate mission of the charity.  Jackie will share her personal inspiring story of surviving breast cancer and share her message on how she gives back.


    inspired rooms by decorator jackie morra


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