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JW Marriott the Rosseau is a Lakeside Reflection of the Natural Beauty of Muskoka

Whenever I venture out on a vacation, I am very cognisant of my surroundings and how I feel in them. I look forward feeling relaxed, transported to a different place but still maintaining the comforts of home. I love to have choice of activities based on how I feel at any given time; whether lounging lakeside, enjoying the serenity of the spa or getting a sweat on with a nature hike or workout (usually not the latter). That is what I love about JW Marriott the Rosseau Muskoka, from the moment you enter the newly renovated lobby and dining areas you are given a multitude of wonderful options to pique your senses and feel whisked away to a place with a tactile connection to the inherent beauty that is Muskoka.

JW Marriott Muskoka Bar LR

I love the design changes since visiting last summer, as you can see in the before picture, the lobby was a vibrant red. The focus was on the use of vivid colours with classic, traditional furnishings. Now, with the help of design firm MackayWong, the décor is a stunning reflection of the locale and works with the inspiration of the region’s splendour. It has a unique atmosphere with the prominent use of natural materials with a very contemporary vibe.

JW Marriott Muskoka Lobby Area

 The Lobby is eye-catching from floor to ceiling with a curvy, chicane shaped, double-sided seating area made of solid wood. It is nestled on an unstructured, large rug that has a stone geode themed look to it. Both are set beneath a gorgeous light fixture depicting a central beehive with lit, random bees swarming around, creating an illuminated work of art. Adjacent to the space is the front desk with a clever nautical rope wall adorned with colourfully decorated boat paddles. I really appreciated the use of woods, fibres and themed furnishings that draw artistic inspiration from nature.

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Working with Small Spaces to Create Your Perfect Garden

The most beautiful gardens usually have little to do with size and much to do with how it makes you feel when you’re in them. I love my garden because it is perfect for me and fills my purpose, which is the key to any space. If I enjoy being in it, I am going to love it therefore spend more time in it, too much, as far as my patient husband is concerned. Backyards have to be seen as an extra living space outside your home, it doesn’t matter the square footage, take advantage of it to fill your specific needs. In my garden I have tried to create a retreat to get away from things, a place to have my tea to start my day, where I can go to meditate, read and spend time with loved ones with the beautiful backdrop of foliage that appeals to me both visually and functionally.

Functionally, I love low maintenance; there are lots of plants that require minimal work as long as they are placed in areas of the garden to let them flourish. My husband loves to cook, so we make sure we make space for herbs, which usually do best in pots and containers. Keep most blooming perennials and annuals in the sun and save the shadier area for trees, ivies, mosses, bushes etc. but always refer to you trusty plant almanac for the region you live in. I like strategically using trees for both the privacy they create and the shade they provide, so when planting keep location in mind. Physically step out into you space and stand in those few areas you will spend the majority of your time. Look to see where neighbours windows are and the height a tree or privacy screen would have to be. Also make sure you are out at the time(s) of day you would be enjoying that particular area of the garden that needs shade, see where the position of the sun is and again where a tree, shade or umbrella would have to be situated. By doing this, you are efficiently making best use of your space by laying it properly and will ultimately use it more. I know I was rarely using my backyard before I strategically placed a few mature trees, screens, an awning, an umbrella and a small pergola. Now I can’t wait to be out there whenever I can, because now it fits my needs practically.

Small Garden Plants Ideas


Visually, I love the pops of colour,variations in leafs and shrubs with delicate flowers. Layer your plants and flowers with the tallest at the back, gradually making your way to the ground cover that is closest to you. This step system to gardening ensures you can see everything when it is in bloom. I love to garden, so for me it is all about varieties; I can’t wait to head out to my local nursery to see the latest plants, trends and colours. 

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Outdoor Living - Big Ideas for Small Backyards

broil king built in backyard shot Low res

With expanding urban areas creating less accessible green space, the booming housing markets producing the reality of more condos and smaller property lot sizes with little to no backyards, and more people trending towards “stay-cations” instead of travelling looking for interesting and cost effective things to do closer to home.  This is where the need for a natural environment like our backyards has become an invaluable addition to our homes. 

The key to making the most of your space, no matter the size, is customizing it to your needs and comforts. Think about what you take pleasure in doing outside and even inside, as you try to bring all those comforts to the outdoor space. Think of it as an extension of your home, a new functional room that is going to serve its purpose of entertaining, cooking and relaxing. The key is using quality products to ensure low maintenance and planning your needs in making the space enjoyable.

When looking into creating my own backyard space, for example, I decided what my priorities were. I wanted to have a low maintenance area where I can dine comfortably with family and friends; a walk out deck from my patio door, a cozy lounge area to relax, a place to cook and an abundance of reminders of the fundamental beauty of nature.

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Give Kids Room to Dream

Most of us grew up in a monochromatic home; the walls were painted neutral shades because that is what may have been trendy or acceptable and I’m sure it was great for resale value. Girl’s rooms may have been the traditional pink and the boys perhaps a blue hue which in the past may have been deemed “acceptable”. Today as we look to nurture a child’s imagination and empower them to be inspired individuals with their own unique personality, we have to let them have creative autonomy of the space they use the most.



Now of course the control of the room’s look is within reason, it should be age appropriate, meet their needs and still be clean to certain extent, but though the young tenants don’t pay a dime, they should have the biggest sway in the area that ultimately influences them most.

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How Spring Can Be a Season of Change for your Home

spring decor ideas  spring decor color

With the arrival of spring comes the renewed sense revitalization, a fresh start to a new season in life and a chance for us to make those changes that can help us grow physically, mentally and spiritually. This can apply to all we put our minds to, doing things with a purpose and with positive intentions.

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